voksbehandling til mænd og voksning af ben i København

Sugaring and waxing in Frederiksberg

Get a professional waxing or sugaring at CityWax – with us you are in safe hands. Actually, we have more than 15 years of experience and we can guarantee that you always will experience an excellent service. In other words, we are specialists in waxing and sugaring in Frederiksberg and you can feel completely safe when booking a treatment in our beauty clinic in Frederiksberg.

Skincare and Waxing in Copenhagen

Waxing and hair removal is known for being a painful and unpleasant experience – at CityWax we always do our very best to make the whole experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. At CityWax Skincare in Frederiksberg we focus on quick and effective treatments, and it is important that you feel completely safe. We always make sure that you leave our clinic with a satisfying result and without any discomfort. We offer the best waxing treatment in Copenhagen!

Beauty clinic in Frederiksberg – Good advices and instructions

Are you unsure whether you should choose a wax treatment or sugaring? We always take the time to guide our costumers before and after a treatment. In that way you are always sure to get the right hair removal – whether you are a new or a regular costumer in our beauty clinic in Frederiksberg.

Beauty clinic and sugaring with natural products

You don’t have to expose your body to harmful additives and ingredients when you want a professional hair removal. Our treatments are performed with thread (threading), sugar wax (sugaring) and wax (waxing). Our sugaring products are the best in the market. They are 100 percent natural and gentle on your skin. The result is beautiful and leaves your skin smooth and healthy.